Hitting High C

On Monday morning I received a telephone call from Gainesville that I had been accepted into the Abbott study. I was over the moon! I was so excited that I immediately called the airline and changed my flight from Newport to Gainesville; the fare was a bit lower but I had to pay an additional $175.00 for the change. I canceled my hotel in Newport and my appointment at the liver clinic there and made reservations for the hotel in Florida, dug out my big suitcase and started packing for an extended stay. Then the phone rang again. It was the Virginia center. “Guess what”, the clinical trial manager said, “the sponsor has changed the protocol for our study so you are now eligible. When can you fly down to start treatment?” Apparently so many doctors had complained about its unreasonable bilirubin standard that Bristol Myers had changed the requirement, just in time for me.

I stammered something and said I’d get back to her with an answer right away, then quickly called my Florida specialist. Luckily he was in his office, took my call, and was able to tell me which study to go with. I called Virginia back and said yes, called the airline and paid another $175.00 to change my flight once again, called Gainesville and canceled, called the Gainesville hotel and canceled, and made reservations at a Virginia hotel which I hoped would be better than my previous one (it was). Then I called Sarasota and told them that I had opted for a different study, so that they would not continue to process my screening results. Then I finished packing.

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