Medicalized Magical Me

I have been poked, prodded and tested in the past year.  I have had vials and vials of blood drawn.  Doctors have looked deeply into my eyes, ears and throat.  They have photographed internal crevices upon which the sun never shines.  Scans of my body fill hospital albums like forgotten relatives.

They said, you can’t eat salt any more, bad for the liver and bad for blood pressure.  This is my new diet:  yogurt, blackberries, plain popcorn, brown rice, vegetables, apples, avocados, soba noodles, edamame.  Sometimes it varies, but you get the gist.  Soon it will be salad season again.  When its cold out, cooked veggies seem better.  The doctors are pleased.

I don’t want my clinical trial to end.  I am scared that the hepatitis C virus will mutate and return, that it is hiding within the scarred convolutions of my liver and will emerge when the daily drugs are discontinued.  So I eat more popcorn and peel another apple and magically the cup is once again half full.

About Karen To and Fro

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