Amsterdam the Gathering: To Which I Was Not Invited

The 48th annual conference of the European Association for the Study of the Liver just finished.  It convened in Amsterdam and everyone was there, everyone that matters in the hepatitis world, the expert at University hospital, the doctor in charge of my clinical study in Virginia, all the doctors for all the clinical studies I was trying to enroll in, the specialist at my local medical center, they were all there to hear the latest news and the outcome of the hottest studies. It was the world liver specialists’ High Court, a rarified and exquisite conclave.  I was not asked to appear and I am a bit put out.  After all, who more than me is a front line cutting edge experimental kingpin?

Okay, so I am out of the loop.  Now that my clinical trial is finished, my only role is to wait, roll up my sleeve to donate blood every so often, and do my own equivalent of praying, which amounts to wishing on stars and knocking on wood, I don’t know how many more trenches I have to dig before I lose this doggone atheistic attitude.

Luckily I have been able to stay busy so that I don’t dwell too much on the future.  I dwell, but in manageable bites.  For one thing, my husband and I are building a retirement house on the lake, and that takes a lot of attention and energy.  Remember my button wall?  Well, I am painstakingly removing and cleaning each button and storing it until I can do a button wall in the new house.  My fingers are all prickly and ragged from prying glue and old wallpaper off, and the wall looks  shrapnel battered.

Amsterdam was probably lovely in the Spring.

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