“We’re All Mad Here” Said the Cheshire Cat

This is Izzy, a comfortable cat, resting after a hectic night herding mice.

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1 Response to “We’re All Mad Here” Said the Cheshire Cat

  1. Lillian de Mauro says:

    Thanks for this blog — I started reading about your travails dealing with HCV on another site — one that hadn’t yet discussed your recent treatment and was going to send you info re EASL — and a link to one of the best reporters there — Jules Levin of NATAP — wonderful to read that you went, even better to read about your trial — please let me know your results — will be stunned if you aren’t 100% clear — I’m still waiting for the IFN free therapy but looks like I’ll have to consider Sofosbuvir with Peg and Riba……..due to cirrhosis and complications that have left me ineligible for any trials……..still considering waiting as I’ve been on meds 7x with no luck and the thought of Peg + Riba considering my past response(s) seems absurd — in many ways you’re fortunate to have been diagnosed when you were as no certainty you would have cleared before now, the protocol you were on is a bit of a walk in the park comparitively speaking, and the best news if you’re not aware of it is that once you clear the liver, even with cirrhosis will begin to heal, it might not be 17 again but it will be healthier — and with good fortune no longer cirrhotic.

    My husband and I live in upstate NY, lived in Plainfield for several years, our son was born in St.J, have our house on the market in order to downscale — VT is one of our options.

    Your proactive attitude is wonderful to read about — I started and facilitate two support groups for HCV — one upstate and one in lower Manhattan — you are the rarity in dealing with HCV.

    More another day, Big hugs to you, Lillian de Mauro

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