My liver – fish or cut bait

Once I discovered the existence of age cutoffs for liver transplants, I was faced with a dilemma.  My ongoing care is currently at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville where every six months I get blood work and an MRI, with an Upper Endoscopy and x-rays thrown in on occasion.  I like Mayo and think they do a thorough and effective job.  But.  But they are one of the institutions with  a cutoff.  When I tried to discuss the issue with my treating doctor, he looked at me and said “in my opinion you will never need a transplant unless you develop cancer”.  Which I guess is mildly reassuring.  

Regardless, I got back on the phone and called several of the hospitals I’d previously identified as having no age barriers.  I went as far as making an appointment at Emory in Atlanta, which is one of the premier transplant centers in the country.  And then I chickened out.  Because I don’t yet need a transplant, and am quite a way from being eligible for one, I’d just be coming to Emory as a regular gastroenterology patient and honestly, as aggressive and proactive as I am about my health, I find a certain lack of enthusiasm in starting over, medically speaking, once again.  Maybe I’ll just take my chances at Mayo and go to the gym four days a week instead of three.  Maybe I’ll just go fishing.

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