Where Are They Now?

I like to know where people wind up. I always read stories about what my favorite stars are doing now and look at the Facebook pages of people I went to school with. So this is what happens to the people in the red house.

Susie gets pregnant and she and Peter move out. Susie has two children with Peter and then leaves him, marries Russell a few years later and has a third child. She divorces Russell and moves around Vermont and Texas with a series of abusive men. She finally gets sober in middle age and settles down in grandma poverty.

After Susie, Peter has a son with Cathy and when they break up Peter marries Shirley, a masseuse who goes to graduate school to become a psychotherapist. They adopt a baby from Honduras. After a divorce Peter marries again and moves to Hawaii. Peter inherits an estate in excess of 50 million dollars when his parents die.

Peter’s pregnant sister goes to Boston to have her baby. In later years she marries a few times, has more children, becomes a nurse, philanthropist and documentary film maker. She also inherits tons of money.

Peter’s little brother heads back home and grows up to fly jet fighters in the military and control one of the largest and most lucrative corporations in the country. He marries and has children and grandchildren and acquires considerable stuff. He votes Republican.

Joanne eventually picks up Loopie. She says she is with her husband again and very happy.

Douglas returns to California for a while and then moves back with me and Karl in Vermont. Eventually he fades away and we lose touch. We still have the horoscopes he drew for us.

Stephen gets a job as a social worker at a state institution for mentally disabled people. He marries an entrepreneurial artist, has two sons, and helps her run a craft gallery in a Vermont ski town. He is a proud grandfather.

Judy moves in with her boyfriend Gary, the crazed veteran, and has five children. Eventually she skips town with the children and disappears. We think she goes to Maine.

Jack travels to New York State and finds religion. He joins the Salvation Army and becomes heterosexual, moves back home to Michigan, gets married, and becomes a rabidly conservative minister of the faith.

Caitlin. How can I sum up where she is now? I don’t think I can, you will have to find out the long way like I did.

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