One Man’s Drudgery

I hate to say it but by the mid 1970’s I’m getting tired of this back to the land business, living without electricity and indoor plumbing, it is just getting old and more drudgery than adventure. The realization comes gradual, I don’t wake up one morning all illuminated and say let’s move, just that day by day it becomes harder to get inspired by our isolation.  I can’t remember the point of all the work involved in doing even the simplest things. I remember that once it did seem to have a point, and be novel and an adventure, but now I can only conclude that I am not cut out to be a pioneer, it’s all gone flat. That’s just me, though. Karl is still totally invested, as they say, ready to grow old and die on this remote hillside. And because I remain now and forever totally invested in Karl, as they say, I am stuck here.

I am also tired of the co-op. Now that the challenge of creating a store from scratch is over, what’s left is rather dull. And after all my frantic scurrying around over the last 10 years or so, I am used to reimagining myself every so often.

Now, I am not a racehorse on a treadmill, but I do have great ambitions. I want to be a lawyer.

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