Confidence Game

I have a confession to make. You know how I said I get brave enough to apply to law school by meeting law students at the co-op? Well, that isn’t exactly true, I do a little more than just sell them brown rice. I get seduced by one. I think actually this is the first time since I met Karl that I fuck another man, or at most the second time, if you’re keeping score Karl is way ahead, at least several one night stands more promiscuous than me. Anyway, I really only sleep with the law student because he is a law student, I call it identity fucking. I tell Karl ahead of time and he gets a little panicky, but of course isn’t going to say anything because what’s fair is fair and all that, all that being Nora of fairly recent memory.

The only other person I sleep with is completely Karl’s fault and definitely an unsatisfactory experience, it is when Karl’s best friend from childhood comes to visit us in the woods. Karl has a complicated relationship with Jeff which includes having sex with Jeff’s wife and maybe lusting after Jeff himself, not sure. Anyway, we wind up in a ménage a trois on our lumpy horsehair mattress, and I don’t like it one bit, sex with Jeff alone is fine and of course with Karl is fine, or they can just go at it themselves preferably when I am not around, but I find it distracting and annoying, the threesome.

Anyway, I drive to the law student’s house and we have sex, unmemorable I guess because I actually don’t remember much at all, but it does accomplish the job of bolstering my confidence. That and studying.

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