Couch Tale

After Seymour I don’t look for a therapist for many years, probably never would except Karl and I aren’t getting along and decide we need couples counseling. It is the same old problem we struggle with all the time, he wants to fuck a lot more than I do. We are not compatible in that area.

We find a husband and wife counseling service which sounds ideal, after all it is a team problem so we need a team solution. We go to them, they’re our age, clinical social worker types rather than medical doctors, attractive in a lean, condescending style, perfect for us. So we talk about our issue, our background a little, I can see the female eying Karl sympathetically, and I understand, Karl is so nice, handsome, gentle, why on earth can’t he get any sex from his wife?

I have worried that I am frigid since I was 16 fucking Louis. It certainly looks like I am, doesn’t it?

At the end of the hour the male therapist says that couples counseling isn’t what we need, Karl can go home and relax, the problem is me for whom he will be glad to schedule an appointment. The female looks disappointed.

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