I Love Law School

I fucking love law school. Now I sound like my friend Susie who embellishes every sentence with fucking this and fucking that. But I do, I do fucking love the classes, the analytical work, the parsing of opinion. I fucking love the spirit of competition and camaraderie, the respect I get as a smart person, the humbling I get as a know-it-all. Law school is the first time I fucking leap to meet an intellectual challenge instead of slinking off into a passive-aggressive corner.

My first year was the hardest, all required courses. Constitutional law, civil procedure, criminal law, wills and estates, contracts, agonizing detail upon detail, fact upon fact, pattern upon pattern, elephantine textbooks for each subject. All my books have been through multiple hands before me, come with individualized underlining and marginal jotting, I can almost see these former students, I meet them in the interstices of case notes, I fucking love them.

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