Unvanilla Collection-Pt 3

Obsession on a leash and compulsion tightly wound,

Addicted to her master like a lemming bitchwhore hound,

Addicted to the place in space where lust and anguish dance,

Where power transforms pleasure and passion twists romance.

Reciprocity is so fine,

Two sides of a coin, simply divine,

The yin and the yang, pleasure and pain,

You give and you give and thus you shall gain.

Little love girl on her back, legs up in the air,

Delicious beast all quivering, tender pink and bare,

She barks and whimpers, mewls and moans, pathetic bitch of mine,

She is my own, my little dog, my love girl slave divine.

Melancholy baby, what’s wrong with you today,

Ain’t you got a master to whip those tears away?

Ain’t you got some boots to kiss, ain’t you drooled du jour?

Nothing’s wrong with you, baybee,

That sucking will not cure.

Nature, nurture, who knows really,

Why my fuckwhore’s nice and feely,

Who knows why she passed the hit test,

Its all survival of the fittest.

Leashes are the fashion,

Pain is a la mode,

Leather’s seal of passion,

Fucking whoreslut code,

Bukakke is the chicest,

Sodomy is hot,

Soon the world will all wear black,

And tie a lover’s knot.


About Karen To and Fro

Everything you didn't want to know about me!
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