Married Life

You ask, what does it feel like to be married for 50 years

an eternity

To be with the same man

But I think, not the same man at all

First was the dreamy prophet in sandals

Who I snatched from the jaws of a zen center

And introduced to family life

Who turned into a bearded woodsman with a sledge hammer

Smashing Chrysler engines in a junkyard

Who then shaved, got a real job and started

Drinking until I found all the empty vodka

Bottles and he sobered up

And became a teacher and I became a lawyer

Together we

Went through two dogs, five cats, two guinea pigs, and two children.

For 50 years.

What a long long time I say

To be married to so many different men

I look over at him

In his current incarnation

Do I know you I ask?



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