The Fall

Last week I tripped over a yellow extension cord

In the garage

While holding an assortment of cleaning supplies

And a roll of paper towels

Having washed my car inside and out

Brisk is my middle name

efficient is my other middle name

I tripped

And my cleaning supplies flew away

Paper towel roll too

I toppled like a chainsawed tree

Slammed head first to the cement floor

Ricocheted off debris

And you just know garage debris is the worst

For a few minutes I did not move

Just laid on the concrete, finally

Brought my fingers up to touch my nose

And my teeth

Nothing broken

After some minutes

Since time was passing

And nobody was around I

Got to my feet

Walked into the house and

Laid on the rug with ice packs

For a whole hour

The cat came to see me.



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  1. Alexis Rose says:

    Ouch! Glad you are okay!

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