Make Up

As I get older

I decide to wear cosmetics

I hear that properly applied they will make me look

Less wrinkled

Almost rosy

I have purchased an array of creams

and powders at a salon, enchanted

By promises of beauty and youth

I sit down in front of a big magnifying mirror

Bright lights on either side of me

put my glasses on

look at my face

So many lines

Cobwebs and mandalas

my lips have lines

Even my earlobes have lines

I go through the tubes and jars in the order recommended

pat my face gently

That is the way to treat old skin, I have been told.

I look at my face

I take my glasses off

everything goes blurry

I think yes a big difference.




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  1. I do not want to litter on your site. I wrote a story about makeup.
    Long and short, God made you Gorgeous!

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