Make Up

As I get older

I decide to wear cosmetics

I hear that properly applied they will make me look

Less wrinkled

Almost rosy

I have purchased an array of creams and powders at a salon, seduced

By the promise of beauty and youth

I sit down in front of a big magnifying mirror

Bright lights on either side of me, harsh

Glaring even

I put my glasses on

And I look at my face

So many lines

Cobwebs and mandalas

Even my lips have lines

Even my earlobes have lines

The light is not forgiving

I go through the tubes and jars in the order recommended

I pat my face gently the way I have been shown

That is the way to treat old skin, I have been told.

I look at my face in the mirror

I take my glasses off and everything goes blurry

I think yes a big difference.




About Karen To and Fro

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1 Response to Make Up

  1. I do not want to litter on your site. I wrote a story about makeup.
    Long and short, God made you Gorgeous!

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