I went through my clothes and threw away

Everything I wore when I was fat and

All the suits and fancy outfits from when I went to work

Along with everything dowdy, worn out, stretched or pathetic

I now have three things left in my closet.

I gave away six cast iron pots and

Everything needed for the dinner party I will never host

I packed up the extra set of dishes

And all the towels I kept from my first marriage.

Empty cupboards yawn at me.

I collected the magazines and books I will never read

And left them at the thrift store

Along with my collection of souvenirs.

My shelves gape bare.

I wish it were that easy to clear the clutter

From my mind.


About Karen To and Fro

Everything you didn't want to know about me!
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1 Response to Clutter

  1. Susan Brown says:

    Time to shop and fill the empty closets and cupboards.

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