Objets d’Art

Why do I want more rugs when I’ve run out of floor

And more paintings when I’ve run out of wall

And more lamps when I’ve run out of table?

Today I bought three plates knowing

I already have so many plates that

I could eat off a different one every night for a month.

Yesterday I bought a bowl and two Utrillo scenes of Paris, framed.

Even though only the cat uses a bowl

And the prints are leaning against the door.

I conclude that I have an acquisitive spirit

Some people collect money or friends or social causes

I collect objects

And I stack them up

Line them in rows

Hang them floor to ceiling

Drape them on a tabletop

Stuff them in a drawer, in a cupboard, on a shelf.

To elbow each other for room

I gave the new bowl to my cat, filled with treats941ABF77-0580-4CD4-BD2A-C81965838F5E


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1 Response to Objets d’Art

  1. mitchteemley says:

    Happy for your cat. ;>)

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