You might suppose that the desire for revenge gets stale

At least I would have thought

That the passage of time would wash out my anger,

Fade my memory, that

I could become nonchalant, shrug and

Let bygones, you know

But instead I google his name,

Track his whereabouts, stalk him computer-wise

If I haven’t confused him with someone else I find that

He is married and lives in Arizona

I contemplate emailing his wife.

I found a photo of him from 1962, the year it happened

He is standing with his lacrosse team

Looking beautiful

I remember seeing him that first time in the canteen

I remember when I fell in love

And I remember when I gave myself into his rapist pimping

Blackmailing hands.

Oh my god, I was so stupid

I remember every moment of that gangbang night

And now, almost 60 years after the event

My anger is still

Vivid and hot.

I still want revenge


About Karen To and Fro

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1 Response to Revenge

  1. Somethings I have to forgive over and over… each time I think of them it required forgiving once again so I can survive and find peace.

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