Saga of a Friendship

I have a friend of

Almost fifty years

We are different in lots of ways

But what we have in common is

We like the exact same men

But luckily not at the same time.

It’s a little complicated.

She had a boyfriend in Detroit

She said to him, come with me to Vermont

And live happily ever after.

But he said no and they parted, at which point

She came to Vermont and fell in love

With my ex-husband.


Her boyfriend changed his mind

And came searching for my friend

Hitchhiked with a pack on his back

(It was a long time ago)

He found her and me too

She said to him, too late

But I fell in love with him

So it ended well.

Now almost fifty years later

We are still friends but

With simpler lives.

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  1. That’s quite a tale! 🙂

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