While You Wait

If you wait for the perfect time to do

That thing you were going to do

That action you were planning, those words you thought to

Speak, the steps you wanted to dance

Hold on.

Just stop pretending.

You know as well as I do that the perfect time is never coming.

It’s like waiting for angels to descend

Or water turn to wine

Its not in the offing.

When you wait for the perfect time you wait forever

All the while saying to yourself

The time is just not right

Not quite perfect

Saying to yourself

It’s only fair to wait for the perfect moment

Depicted by this graph, this study, this dream, this palmistry fortune

As foretold by a Romany woman in a particularly colorful caravan

And you think, I wanted to wait for a better opportunity anyway so

I will be patient

The perfect time will come

I have faith.

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