I told Karl

I wanted to get married

But he reminded me that I

Was still married to that other guy.

So I

Hired a lawyer, filed divorce papers,

Drove over the mountain to my court hearing where

I told the judge I didn’t want

Child support, just my freedom.

When the divorce was final I said to Karl

Now let’s get married

But he shrugged

What’s wrong with just living together?

Who needs a piece of paper?

So I

Called the Town Clerk and got a marriage license

Filled it out

Talked to the rabbi, a summer visitor from New York

Who fancied himself a hipster even though

He was fat and ugly and salacious.

He said he would marry us at his place

In exchange for a loaf of homemade bread.

So I

Baked a loaf of wholewheat bread and

Told Karl that we were getting married.

We drove to the rabbi’s house

Sat at his kitchen table

While he pronounced us

Man and wife and

So I

Got married.

It wasn’t really anticlimatic.

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