I am a pioneer.

I ghosted a man before there was even a name for such a thing

I even lived with this man and

Slept in the same bed.

How can you ghost someone you live with

You might ask

Well, you get up one morning

Climb out of bed

Having packed a suitcase the night before

And left it in the hall.

You put on some clothes

You bend over the bed where

The man is sleeping curled

In an Indian bedspread with embroidered mirrors and

A million colors, scented with patchouli.

He wakes and looks up at you with adoring eyes.

You say, I’m just going to the store for cigarettes, be right back

And he says, okay and rolls over.

I gaze at the bedspread which I have to leave

Even though it is mine and I love it

But I don’t see how I can explain taking it with me to buy cigarettes.

So I exit, picking up my suitcase as I close the apartment door behind me

And get on a plane which will take me from San Francisco to Boston

That will save me from long arguments about why I will not stay.

So that was the beginning of the ghosting epidemic

For which I take sole credit.

About Karen To and Fro

Everything you didn't want to know about me!
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3 Responses to Ghosting

  1. Looking back, was it a good choice?

  2. Thank you fpr sharing your experience.

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