You Are a Pioneer

one morning you woke up

slid out of bed

having packed a suitcase the night before

and left it in the hall.

you pulled on a peasant blouse and long skirt

laced up your sandals

bent over the bed where

your lover slept sprawled

on an Indian bedspread with embroidered mirrors

and patchouli crimson

he stirred and looked up at you sleep glazed and fond

you whispered, I’m just going to the store for cigarettes, be right back

and he said, okay and rolled over.

you gazed hungrily at the bedspread

but didn’t see how to explain

pulling it off the bed

so you exited, picked up the suitcase as you shut

the apartment door behind you

and in an hour boarded a plane

flying from San Francisco to Boston

thus saving yourself from long arguments about why you will not stay.

so that was how ghosting started

you get sole credit.

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  1. Looking back, was it a good choice?

  2. Thank you fpr sharing your experience.

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