Coffee High

I was too busy to eat that summer

Married to Peter

Going to classes at City College

And figuring out the logistics of fucking this

Graduate student

Whose wife was pregnant.

Instead of eating I drank tall glasses of

Ice coffee with five spoonfuls of sugar sifted

Down to the bottom.

You had better believe

I was brimming with energy.

One hot day the graduate student and I drove to the Skyview Motel

Across the George Washington Bridge in New Jersey

A run down place

As soon as we checked in

I flung myself at him and

We tumbled onto the bed

Me on top and I

Made love so vigorously that he

Cried out in pain. Oh

So sorry I murmured

I think I overdid the


About Karen To and Fro

Everything you didn't want to know about me!
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