I told my gang rape story to a group of writers

Read to them an account of when I was blackmailed

Into allowing a trail of college men to molest me

People were skeptical

One said, But you come across as so feisty and brave

Another said, it seems odd that you cared about what your parents found out

A third said, but you were telling people you believed in free love.

All of them looked horrified

But I don’t think they took it seriously, it

Wasn’t real rape they thought.

Later I read the group a story about an affair I once had

And one man said

That it didn’t seem I enjoyed myself very much

And encouraged me to add some positive remarks about fucking.

A woman looked down at the table between us and

Commented that I did not come across as a nice person.

Because of these experiences

I have a request to critics who may read about the intimate details

Of a person’s history in the course of a workshop:

Concentrate on literary merit

Stay away from moral judgments

Or personality analysis.

Especially my personality.

About Karen To and Fro

Everything you didn't want to know about me!
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2 Responses to Workshopping

  1. David Green says:

    When it comes to throwing stones – judging others – all of us live in glass houses.

  2. kitkat says:

    Those people sound like idiots and it must have been so hard to share what happened to you only to get that response. Don’t let that stop you though from telling your truths!

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