Hotel Living

I could be happy living in a cheap hotel room

A pared down life

But with compensations

A bed

A television

Free breakfast with do-it-yourself waffles

And someone to clean up and

Change the sheets

All for a few dollars

I could roam the halls, floor to floor

Barefoot on the patterned carpet

Pour coffee in the lobby

Work out on the old treadmill in the basement.

Because I don’t ask for much

Really only a sliver of life is fine

For me

Just the essentials

As run through a sieve.

About Karen To and Fro

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3 Responses to Hotel Living

  1. David says:

    That is a painting by Edward Hopper. His work involving scenes in Hotels is the subject of a traveling exhibition that was recently at the a Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.

  2. My husband has been the GM of many a hotel in his career along with leading security teams for the largest chains. Having spent years living in hotels, he is the first to tell you it’s not a good life!!! Sounds nice at first, but it gets old very quickly.

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