Coming Up in the World

Until I was ten years old we lived in a stiff dark apartment

Furnished with horsehair-stuffed mohair-covered settees

It was in the Bronx, on a mean street

Next to the El on Webster Avenue.

The train roared and clattered past our windows

Every few minutes

Shaking the dishes.

But in 1954 my father

Who was a struggling lawyer

Won an important case in the New York courts

And received a big fee for his efforts.

So he bought a turquoise Buick convertible with

Leather seats and

We moved to the Grand Concourse

My mother left all our things behind and

Bought Danish modern sofas and chairs

New wall-to-wall carpets and

Silk drapes.

I had my own room.

We didn’t see much of our old neighbors

And friends after that

Because we had come up in the world

And that was the way

The world worked.

About Karen To and Fro

Everything you didn't want to know about me!
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