Sweet Izzy

was born in a place so cluttered

with animals that I was never surprised

when a strange cat appeared

Hah I would cry, interrupting the visit

I never noticed that tabby before

And then it would disappear

under a dilapidated armchair upside

down on the screened porch.

One day I took a cat home, having developed

A fancy to her

and came to love Izzy, petted her, held her like a baby

but I met a woman from far away and had to leave Izzy

Behind with mom and dad

and then wouldn’t you know it, my romance

fizzled out and I came back home

but I left Izzy where she was because she was happy


When I visit I look for Izzy first thing

hold her upside down in the air

And jiggle her

An act of love which she remembers with nostalgia.

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