Every morning after I’ve had my first cup of coffee

And am almost awake

I look at the movies from the spotlit cameras

Which surround the house.

I installed them so I would notice if zombies or triffids approached but really

All I do is watch the record of animals coming and going.

Last night and into the early hours

A skunk and a raccoon visited

And a stray cat who maybe lives in the trailer up the hill

Or nowhere at all.

Other nights possums come by and

Rabbits and bobcats and coyotes

I used to put food outside

When it was snowy and cold

Leftovers and cat pate.

Now the animals think my house is paradise.

They still waddle around looking for a bowl

Filled with morsels

Even though it’s springtime.

About Karen To and Fro

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2 Responses to Animalvision

  1. I’m really glad you referenced Triffids!

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