I am not at all musical

I can’t sing

Or play an instrument except for a kazoo

But when I was fifteen I had a boyfriend John

Who was a classical guitarist

He bicycled from Westchester to the Bronx every weekend to see me

With his guitar strapped to his back

It took him two hours.

He parked his bike outside our apartment building

Rode the elevator up to the fourth floor and

Sat in my room on the edge of the bed.

John played Pachelbel, played Bach

While I sat on the floor and listened

And watched his fingers

And when he took a break we kissed

Quietly so my mother wouldn’t hear.

One Saturday he stayed late

He asked my mother

Could he sleep in the living room so he wouldn’t have to bike home

In the dark

She said no.

So he left and


We drifted apart

The climate was not compatible with romance.

About Karen To and Fro

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