Serves Me Right

I really am damned

I have a malevolent spirit who watches me in case

I brag or crow or congratulate myself or compare myself

Favorably to another

And as soon as I make that kind of mistake which I will because

I am essentially a

Blowhard and thus always

Just looking for an occasion to toot my own horn

As soon as I say something

Wouldn’t you know it

Whatever I bragged about invariably and immediately falls apart

I say, I’m such a great sleeper

And I instantly become a hollow eyed insomniac

I exclaim, I write a poem every day

And voila the words dry up and my mind becomes blank

I mean not one landmark in the fucking desert.

Which should teach me humility I guess

This is the most diabolical training scheme ever.

About Karen To and Fro

Everything you didn't want to know about me!
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