Isolation Hair

As more time passes

I am developing an advanced case of

Cockatoo hair.

It’s sticking straight up on top

I mean

I could tie a bow around it

Which would look ridiculous on a grannie.

Or I could wear a hat to train

My hair to lie down

And take it like a man.

You might laugh at the heartbreak caused

By this turn of events

And question whether I should look

At my transformation into a bird

With anguish.

But I promise you

It’s better to worry about my hair

Than to think about the world beyond

My mirror.

If it wasn’t for this fucking virus

I would go to the salon

For a styling

But here I am stuck in the house

With an electric clipper in my hand

The one my husband uses every few weeks or so

For his buzz cut

My hair is thin anyway

You can see my scalp peeking through in places

An aging thing I guess


A buzz cut would be youthful.

I swear

I am such an optimist.


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