Pop Culture

All morning I look at the clock

Waiting for the moment I can announce that

I think I’ll have some popcorn. If it’s

Too early then I have nothing to look forward to later.

Too late and my stomach feels hollow and growly

When I decide that enough time has passed

I get out the machine

My jar of kernels

A big wooden bowl

Butter and cup

I measure out three tablespoons of popcorn

Place the bowl carefully under the chute

And plug the machine in.

While the kernels are heating up and starting to pop, their

Explosions drowning out the radio

I cut a tablespoon of butter into the cup

Melt it to yellow and

When the bowl is filled with popcorn

Pour the melted butter on top. I

Take my bowl to the corner of the sofa

And eat and lick my lips and when I’m finished

All I wish is that

I had a bowl of popcorn to look forward to.

About Karen To and Fro

Everything you didn't want to know about me!
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