Pop Culture

All morning I look at the clock

Waiting for the moment I can announce that

I think I’ll have some popcorn. If it’s

Too early then I have nothing to look forward to later.

Too late and my stomach feels deflated and growls

When I decide that enough time has passed

I get out the machine

My jar of kernels

A big wooden bowl

Butter and cup

I measure out three tablespoons of popcorn

Place the bowl carefully under the chute

And plug the machine in.

While the kernels are heating up and starting to pop

I cut a tablespoon of butter into the cup

Melt it to yellow and

When the bowl is filled

Pour the butter on top. I

Take my bowl to the corner of the sofa

And eat kernel by kernel by handful

and lick my lips. Sadly

When I am finished

All I wish is that

I had a bowl of popcorn to look forward to.

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