Woke Up

I have always prided myself

On my open-minded attitude

Because when I was young

I slept with black men

And liked it

At least as much as I liked sleeping with white men

Which admittedly wasn’t much

I was a member of CORE

Picketed the Bus Terminal in New York

Which had segregated water fountains in the South.

We sang Woody Guthrie songs and carried signs.

I have believed that

In my own way I supported

A multiracial society.

Not that I have been challenged in the last half century

Living in a Caucasian world

As I do

Where black people are so uncommon that

I do not presently know a black person.

I don’t know any white people either

So perhaps that’s not important.

Being married I no longer sleep with a variety of people

And my ability to march is limited.

It is time to find another way to advocate

For racial equality.

Am I woke yet?

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