How to Get Through the Night`

I was tired

But not sleepy

I twirled around in bed aimlessly

Until finally I surrendered

And got up

Creaky like, not happy to be awake

Freaky to be all askew with time

I like to sleep at night and persevere in the day

No naps

But I can’t sleep sitting up

Or in a plane, even a red-eye flight

I am all alive

Flying through the night

And I find

That the kindest way to greet the morning in Corfu

For example

After dark cramped hours in a narrow seat

Is to cry out

How beautiful the light is, let’s go for a walk

A drive

Let’s swim in the sea

Let’s have an aperitif and talk

Over lunch.

About Karen To and Fro

Everything you didn't want to know about me!
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