Slicing the Lake

I went kayaking today

In the late afternoon

My kayak is red like a fire engine

And bobs and ducks on the lake

When I paddle fast it slices through the water

Dicing like a knife

The sun was hot on my right side going out and on my

Left side coming home but

I splashed enough cold lake water on my legs

To keep cool

Not on purpose.

Sometimes I laid my paddle down and

Dangled my hands in the water on either side.

After all there was no hurry

I had no destination.

For all I accomplished

I could have paddled in circles in front of the dock

For an hour.

I could have stood on the landing and made semaphores with my paddle.

But the trip up and down the lake

Was more interesting.

Slicing and dicing the water

I rolled doubles so I get another turn.

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