How Not to Houseplant

After the long winter

I was so anxious about my houseplants

That on the first warm day

I carried them out to the porch

I said to them

Now you will be happy

They looked at me quizzically

It still might freeze at night

The aloe plant said.

Don’t be such a nervous Nellie

I responded

Don’t be such a prickly pessimist.

The jade plant, the big one, laughed

And all the tiny succulents in designer pots


So I left them on the porch

Basking in the sun

That night

The temperature dropped precipitously

I could hear coughs and murmurs from the porch but

I ignored them

In the morning I took a big watering can out

Ready to greet my plants

But every one was black and drooped in death

I’m sorry, I cried

But there was no response.

Oh well I thought

Perhaps I should have waited a few more weeks.

About Karen To and Fro

Everything you didn't want to know about me!
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