Planting Doubt

After the long winter

I was so anxious about my houseplants

That on the first warm day

I carried them out to the porch

Said to them

Now you will be happy

They looked at me quizzically

It still might freeze at night

The aloe plant said.

Don’t be such a nervous Nellie

I responded

Don’t be such a prickly pessimist.

The jade plant, the big one, laughed

And all the tiny succulents in designer pots tittered.

So I left them

Basking in the sun

That night

The temperature dropped precipitously

I could hear coughs and murmurs from the porch

Ignored them

In the morning I took a big watering can out

Ready to greet my plants

But every one was drooped in death

I’m sorry, I cried

There was no response.

Oh well I thought

I am sure they are in a better place.

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