I entertained today

For the first time since

Our isolation started

A couple came for lunch, old friends

We circled gingerly

Keeping our distance

No hugs, no kisses. We sat

Outdoors with a breeze sweeping our breath away

Watching boats on the lake

Birds swooped past, gulls and eagles and more

I ate scallops and tabouli and gazpacho

Until my belly sprung.

We talked of our adventures in solitude

Trips to the market, to the doctor

Looked at photos of grandchildren and birds

Roseate spoonbills they saw in Texas

Back in January

A picture of a wood stork

I took last year.

Discussed the state of the world

Poetry woodworking flowers.

Then they left

And I don’t have to eat dinner tonight

Or say another word.

I am full up.

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