High Lights

1945 celebrated first birthday, father got out of Army;

1950 wrote a poem about Bobby Snowflake who lived on a cloud;

1955 skipped rope;

1960 dressed in black, lost virginity to man from Haiti, went off to college;

1965 married a book store clerk from rich family, taught art;

1970 had a baby, listened to Velvet Underground, lived in a trailer;

1975 left the commune, married new husband;

1980 attended law school, wore patent leather heels from the thrift store;

1985 opened a practice, fucked the judge;

1990 had another baby, discovered bondage;

1995 went to parties, talked on the phone, made money;

2000 broke off online romance with German fellow, stayed married;

2005 mother died, father died;

2010 retired, moved into house on the lake, children getting old;

2015 listened to gulls and geese and tree frogs;

2020 wrote a poem about a cat.

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