From a Pay Phone in Hope Town

When my German lover  

answers I say hello it’s me; he’s

surprised to hear my voice 

excited by this show of devotion,

that I have called him from such a god-forsaken 

remote place; we talk; he

whispers dirty words, waits for

a response but I am self-conscious 

standing on the hot sandy street,

peddlers and tourists walking past.

I say I can’t, no privacy; he is

disappointed I won’t arouse him

but it takes more than one missed 

opportunity to upset him; he tries

to tell me about his day in 

Hamburg but I am impatient with 

small talk, have to go, I say

talk to you when I get home

I adore you I say.

He cheers up, says he

loves me too; only 

next year when my husband finds out

about us will he be sad.

I adore you I say again

and hang up the phone.

About Karen To and Fro

Everything you didn't want to know about me!
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