Isomorphism for Beginners

This is not a how-to manual even though my personal approach to heavy breathing eroticism is technical rather than spiritual. Isomorphic philosophy provides a poignant transformative framework which if properly crafted should result in orgasms that multiply like golden codfish on a wooden pier, Saint Peter may his name be blessed waving evangelic fingers over the sea. Or maybe I am thinking of a golden codpiece. That is to say, Isomorphism is merely coded for a way of life, and its teachings, which I am pleased to import, will allow you to retain vigor indefinitely and produce wellsprings of fundament lust coddled on a cranny scramble of sexuality. I have this on authority. But I am a how-to guide, after all, although I fancy myself an adept instructor having learned the tropes at an early age from Master himself, Baba Isomo.

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