I Looked Out My Window

not sure

if I was dreaming

or mental

actually it was just

psilocybin nipping

my tongue. Back then

we were living

in a rusty

trailer stacked on oil cans

teetering on a farm

road in hippie

town, moved there when my husband

(if you want to get melodramatic)

done me wrong.

the baby and I escaped

okay but had no money, got by

on welfare and food

stamps in coupon books.

I bought an old Pontiac

for $100 a month

left it on the side of the road

when it broke. (Figured

they’d find it eventually).

One night after I put the baby

to bed I dosed myself

sat rocking to Billie

Holiday on the record player

frozen up the whole

time watching phantom armies rage

stallions and hussars and spears

and pennants surge and swarm

across the cornfield, stuck

in my visions until the sun

rose and the baby woke

and the dust motes danced

good morning.

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