Drunk Night

can’t drink nowadays the liver

thing but I got toxic once

long time passing when

we lived in a shack in the woods

and drove a blue Chevy pick-up rusted

through in important places

the party was at this plush

house with lush sofas and glossy

chandeliers not sure how we got invited

I had lots of wine, Karl too, glasses

one after the other like skittling creatures

all downy and gulp

and when it was time to go home

I laid my head in Karl’s lap

my body limp on the front seat

around the sprung springs

not that I remember much

we parked the truck at the bottom of the hill

couldn’t drive all the way

because the road was washed out

a wide crevasse down the middle

Karl fell out the door so dizzy

he had to hold onto the forest

I laughed, it was funny

night was blackish blue, no moon

not a glimmer to see. I trod

sharply up the chill dark

Karl staggering behind me clutching tree to tree

until we arrived home

slept in our shack all stupefied

and demented in the morning we looked

at where we had walked

exclaimed how we were still alive god

protects drunks we agreed

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