Going to the Store

looked in the cupboard and nothing there but a few mangy cans of maybe peas, nobody eats canned peas, so I put on my walking boots headed to the super Doppler effect market, moving faster than the speed of sound, around 300 feets per moment, not sure about centigrade, so set out and Izzy came along for canned mouse she’s not picky, ran into her pals and her enemies too all along the route, dead elms shading us from the sun in their skeletal fashion, me and Izzy skipping along, run into our next door neighbor, Paws the Siamese, Izzy don’t like him, but I say, hey Paws, want to go grocery shopping with us, Paws says surely I do, I don’t, I do and gallops along, weaving in and out between me and Izzy in a most annoying way and when we get to the outskirts of town we run into my cousin Jackanapes longhair Persian kinda guy, all whiskers and fur and purr if you know what I mean, he falls right in with us, we are some fucking parade I think, and we march right into the store, proud we seem, hungry we are, nobody’s around but us and the shelves are bare, well laundry detergent is stacked high and there are plenty of beans but the tuna fish aisle is like a desert and the milk department is blank as the moon of Jupiter, barren, barely breathing.

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