Summer Camp

Who is that girl with butchered hair? She falls off the bulletin board like a stick figure, used to be magic but now is forlorn.

Hunger is my middle name.

Look at me on the playing field.

The ball is coming my way, high and fast rocketing to right field where I am studying a dandelion up close.

Look into the mirror Miss Four Eyes.

Where is your hair?

My name is Alice and my husbands name is Alex, we live in Appalachia and we eat apples.

My hair is short because the camp barber lacks finesse.

I got a parcel of salami and pistachio nuts dyed red and rye bread with caraway seeds. The food at camp is poison.

My bunkmate asks for a slice of salami and I am afraid to say no. She will bite me with her big teeth.

I run to the forest clutching my package. No, I don’t.

I make an ashtray during Arts and Crafts. What is it? my mother asks.

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