In 1970 Goddard fired me for striking in support of Kent State protesters and so I embraced feckless as a traveling hippie with baby in tow and didn’t get another job until I was hired two years later by Merrimaid’s to sew lingerie in a factory squeezed with Vermont women turning out as many neon colored nylon nightgowns as possible each day, basketsful, but I never even figured out how to thread the machine plus damnation you had to raise your hand to go to the bathroom which was hard to accept wholeheartedly although everyone else seemed okay, I figured they were scarified to make trouble but not me having been a free spirit for several years I was willing to say fuck it and look somewhere else, so I only lasted two days sewing and then skipped to Branchwood which was just around the corner, even though Warren the foreman said I was overqualified but in fact I was not qualified for much since there wasn’t a market for panhandlers in this small town, anyway my new job was in the glue room where I laid out sticks of maple for my partner Charlie to glue up into panels, and this job was perfect for me because Charlie was always a little drunk and pretty cheerful and I was given my own tape measure — Charlie didn’t have any teeth, none at all, so ate mostly mushy food which he washed down with Budweiser, believe it or not this job lasted six months and I hummed Hare Krishna mantras the whole time and smiled at Charlie and took home about $80 a week which wasn’t too bad considering.

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