After Goddard fired me Peter was still fooling around with young girls on campus and there I was all of 26, ancient really, had my baby to take care of and then my Plymouth Belvedere flamed out so I dumped it on the side of road and hitchhiked home never finished paying the $100 a month I owed on it — maybe you can understand why I was gloomy and didn’t know what to do next, I mean I was done with Peter, had no money, so found a boyfriend, we scammed a VW bus outfitted it with a 50 pound bag of brown rice and set out all brave, broke down in Bowling Green broke down going over the Rockies, fuck I was broke down myself and my so-called boyfriend left — I didn’t care didn’t cry goodbye I said and there the baby and I were all by ourselves bus cranking ill and us sick of rice never been that poor before or after but you know I wasn’t so sad, it was an adventure just me and the baby and she didn’t care that we were stranded in Denver.

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