Character Study

Just took a Facebook quiz to reveal my personality & disposition & past lives & it’s fucking awesome — I used to be Nefertiti & also Jesus Christ– I am killer thrilled but not shocked everybody is always saying how special I am plus my signature song is Don’t Stop Believing which is perfect because I am gold star faithful & never give up I fight for the right, stubborn but loving but my only fault is I’m a neurotic giver forget neglect to take care of myself, makes so much sense since I used to be the biggest martyr of them all & my kids they love me like a queen cause I teach them morals & payback when their no good father only cossets them & his new girlfriend too the whore so I may be stubborn but only when I am in the right which is most if not all the time but I just eat a giant slice of humble pie every day & publish these quizzes after I take them so everyone can see how humble I am even with my extra special past.

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