talk about sore feet

try walking all over

Barcelona–start at the good part

then meander narrow

alleys down to the Baleatric Sea

across the Ramblas

duck park last

running next to my son whose long strides

make better time

we jimmy & jump between pedestrians

flash hundreds of gleaming motorcycles

red busses & exotic cars

crazy taxis–women

pushing shopping carts & babies

pugs on a leash dozens of tiny shag dogs

we are skimmed by bicycles

scooters even

pass jaunty old men

with canes–old women clutch an arm

we circle

smacks of congregation school children

sightsee groups strutting

policia with slantwise machine guns

talk about whacked with awe

we gawk at cathedrals gold winged


talk about extra

I have to stop

edge onto a bench

my son lights a cigarette

rests companionable

Spanish dips and dangles

overheard gossip

I am deteriorated I say

no you’re fine my son answers.

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