A Good Romance

I met him fifty years ago.

Let’s call him X.

X was walking down the road searching for Susie.

Susie lived with me in the Red House commune.

We were sitting on the front steps tripping.

And noticed X at the same time.

X had long hair & a beard, pack on his back & buffalo hide sandals.

Patched jeans.

He was tall & looked like a movie star.

X got close & spied Susie.

He said I’ve come all this way across the country.

Because I love you.

Susie said I’m sorry, it’s too late.

I am with someone else.

The someone else was my husband.

I said let’s go inside & have dinner.

I said that because I desired X.

And was afraid Susie might change her mind.

But she didn’t.

My boyfriend didn’t like X.

My husband didn’t like X.

I broke up with my boyfriend.

After a while X & I moved out of the commune.

Susie & my husband left soon after.

My boyfriend married a stained glass artist from Waterbury.

Everyone else from the Red House found new places to be.

I am still with X.

Fifty years is a good long time.

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