Practical Matrix

After her husband died the household went downhill because she was useless when it came to ordinary tasks like taking out the carnage or grommeting hinges or opening a jar no matter how she struggled and spinned no matter what fangled patent ornaments she utilized, it was no good, no good at all, and she found that kicking the door did not fix it, just made things worse and she fed the cat three times a day instead of only once like her husband admonished her when he was alive, so the cat blowed up frequently, which made her sad and redundant, even so she put an ad in the paper help wanted handyman but the only applicant was a thickset person who scared her with thorny grimaces so she just laid down on the bed, the one she used to share with her husband, curled up with the cat and floated away to a paradise where there was a caretaker and she never had to change a lightbulb.

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